Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Destroyed?

What is another word for destruction and damage?

What is another word for destruction?devastationruindamagedeathdesolationdisfigurementfellingimpairmentmarringoverthrow89 more rows.

Is decimating a word?

decimate. 1. destroy, devastate, wipe out, ravage, eradicate, annihilate, put paid to, lay waste, wreak havoc on Pollution could decimate the river’s population of kingfishers.

What is the process of something being damaged or made worse?

Answer: Worsen, intensify, aggravate and compound are similar, but exacerbate has the sense of an irritant being added in to make something bad even worse.

What is the base word of destruction?

The Latin word destructionem, “a pulling down,” is the root of destruction.

What ruin means?

1a : to damage irreparably. b : bankrupt, impoverish ruined by stock speculation. 2 : to subject to frustration, failure, or disaster will ruin your chances of promotion. 3 : to reduce to ruins : devastate. intransitive verb.

What does annihilate mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to cause to cease to exist : to do away with entirely so that nothing remains. b : to destroy a considerable part of Bombs annihilated the city. The enemy troops were annihilated.

What are synonyms for destroyed?

SYNONYMS FOR destroy 1 smash, level, waste, ravage, devastate. 2 extirpate, annihilate, uproot.

What is the antonym of destroyed?

Antonyms: conserved, retained, preservable, saved, well-kept, protected, kept up(p), preserved, maintained. Synonyms: ruined.

What is the difference between ruin and destroy?

To destroy is stronger. It means to completely end the existence of something in its usual form. To ruin something means to completely spoil it.

What word means 10% destroyed?

decimateNPR’s journalists routinely use the word “decimate” when they mean to denote “completely ruined or destroyed.” “Decimate” means to kill every tenth person or soldier as a means of mass punishment. … The word they should be using to mean” completely ruined or destroyed” is “devastated.”

Does decimate mean?

decimate \DESS-uh-mayt\ verb. 1 : to select by lot and kill every tenth man of. 2 : to exact a tax of 10 percent from. 3 a : to reduce drastically especially in number. b : to cause great destruction or harm to.

What is the verb of destroy?

transitive verb. 1 : to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of destroyed the files also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds their reputation was destroyed a disease that destroys the body’s ability to fight off illness … destroyed any hope of a return to past crackdowns … —

What does elated mean?

marked by high spirits: marked by high spirits : exultant.