Quick Answer: What Is Ailing Planet?

What is the meaning of the ailing planet?

Why does Nani Palkhivala call the earth ‘The Ailing Planet’.

How can the ailing planet survive.

Answer: The signs of the earth connected with life necessary for staying alive show that the earth is a patient in declining health.

Its deserts are advancing, landscapes are being impoverished and environment is ailing..

What is the theme of the ailing planet?

ailing planet is all about the environment and to save it. the theme is that how different movements and andolans have helped in conserving the environment and the message is that we should also do something to save our environment.

What is the holistic and ecological view of the world?

a holistic and ecological view – It refers to the view that calls for the preservation of the planet. The holistic and ecological view refers to understanding the importance of earth’s resources and environment for the future generations.

What is the transcending concern *?

transcending concern means the very existence of earth is endangered. earlier the people were worried about their on existence but now their problem is more serious. the natural resources of the earth are eroding fast and the planet is likely to be extinct so human must conserve the planet.

Why is the earth like a patient in poor health now?

Earth is like a “patient in declining health”. The depletion of forests, grasslands, fisheries and croplands are the result of excessive demand for resources. Over-population has led to a severe strain on the health of our planet. … We must realize that the earth belongs as much to the future generation as much to us.

What happens to the forest in poor countries the ailing planet?

In poor countries, local forests are being decimated in order to procure firewood for cooking. … The world’s ancient patrimony of tropical forests is now eroding at the rate of forty to fifty million acres a year, and the growing use of dung for burning deprives the soil of an important natural fertiliser.

What did Lester Brown mean when he said that?

What did Lester Brown mean when he said that we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children? Ans. Lester Brown believes that the present population of the earth has no right to think that the earth is its property.

How can the ailing planet survive?

The concept of sustainable development and green movement can help the ailing planet to survive. People must discharge their moral responsibility as stewards of the planet and trustees of the legacy of the future generations. The plundering of the natural resources should be controlled.

Why is Earth called the ailing planet?

With drying rivers, depleted and polluted environment and deteriorated forests and greenery, Earth is having a difficult time to its survive and thus it is said to be an ailing planet.

What does Mr Lester R Brown State in the lesson the ailing planet?

Answer: Mr Lester R Brown believes that the present generation of people has no right to think that the Earth is their property. In fact, everyone should believe that they are responsible to leave Earth for future generations in the same condition as they found it.

What is ignominious darkness?

ignominious darkness – disgraced or dishonoured as nobody has knowledge about them or is enlightened about them. inter alia – among other things. decimated – to reduce drastically in number. catastrophic depletion – a disastrous and harmful reduction in the number of something.