Question: What Are The Four Pillars Of Smart City?

Which is the dirtiest city in the India?

While Gaya is the dirtiest in the category of small cities, Patna earns the dubious distinction in the large cities category..

What are the four pillars of urban life?

The evolution of the concept of urban sustainability is described and a framework is proposed based on four pillars: economic development, social development, environmental management and effective urban governance.

What are the 17 sustainable development goals?

The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world:GOAL 1: No Poverty.GOAL 2: Zero Hunger.GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being.GOAL 4: Quality Education.GOAL 5: Gender Equality.GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy.GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.More items…

Which city is known as Smart City?

1st Round winners – Selection of 20 Smart CitiesRankingCities ShortlistedName of State/UT1BhubaneswarOdisha2PuneMaharashtra3JaipurRajasthan4SuratGujarat16 more rows

Which state has highest smart cities?

Tamil NaduTamil Nadu will have the highest number of smart cities under the Government of India’s eponymous Mission, even though the State has been slow in executing this project.

Which of the following city got first smart city nomination?

Union Territory of PuducherryUnion Territory of Puducherry has nominated its capital city for inclusion in the 100 Smart Cities Mission launched on June 25. With this, it is first city to send its nomination.

What are the four pillars of development?

Just as any building is supported by pillars, the idea of human development is supported by the concepts of equity, sustainability, productivity and empowerment. Equity refers to making equal access to opportunities available to everybody.

What are the four pillars of human development?

Human development has four concepts such as equity, sustainability, productivity and empowerment.

Who is No 1 smart city in India?

Agra has topped the list of Smart Cities in India, scoring above cities like Surat and Indore. Taking residents by surprise, Agra has topped the list of Smart Cities in India, scoring above cities like Surat and Indore.

What are the pillars of smart city?

The 14 pillars of a smart cityGovernment leadership and public policy. … Regulation. … Technology and innovation. … Telecommunications. … Cyber and physical security and privacy. … Finance, investment and economic development. … Transportation and mobility. … Energy.More items…•Mar 26, 2020

What are the elements of a smart city?

The core infrastructure elements in a Smart City would include:Adequate Water Supply.Assured Electricity Supply.Sanitation, including Solid Waste Management.Efficient Urban Mobility and Public Transport.Affordable housing, especially for the poor.Robust IT connectivity and digitalization.Good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation.Sustainable environment.More items…

What is smart city model?

Nowadays, the large and small districts are proposing a new city model, called “the smart city”, which represents a community of average technology size, interconnected and sustainable, comfortable, attractive and secure. The landscape requirements and the solutions to local problems are the critical factors.